Heita Miyoshi

Heita Miyoshi photo
H2 Interactive, Inc.
Co-founder and CSO
Talk title:

Japanese game market




As co-founder and CSO of H2 Interactive, a newborn Japanese game publisher, Heita has been in the game industry for more than 10 years. Prior to co-founding H2 Interactive, Heita led IGAWorks as Managing Director and held senior level management positions at Gamepot and Gree. Having spent 4 years in Korea as EVP of IGAWorks, Heita is very familiar with both the Korean and Japanese game industries. Heita brings an enormous amount of diversified experience from both a professional but also a regional perspective into GTR. With the addition of Heita and his broad network of professionals onto the GTR team, GTR expects to be able to well penetrate and open doors for GTR cohort studios into the Japanese market.

Talk abstract:

1. Snapshot of the market 2. top mobile games and the size of business 3. "must do"s when launching a game in Japan 4. successful examples 5. conclusions


marketing, business development, C-level business persons