Hamid Naeimi

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NOA Games
CEO / Team leader
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Top 20 Reasons Why Game Startups Fail




• Team lead of VR Architectural Visualization (2017) • Writing ProFC Game Design and manage the team for producing a high quality MMO multiplatform game, Also doing server side programming.(2018) • Team leader of Vaneti, casual game for Iranian culture with more than 1 m downloads. (2017) • Team leader of Shadow Racer winning more than 5 awards. (2017) • Team leader of Viraj winning more than 3 awards.(2014) • Team leader of best Iranian Recipe Magazine called HonareAshpazi with 15 years producing recipe (2017) • Establish NOA APPS at 2015 • Team leader of Changal , city guide of Tehran (2014) • Team leader of Coach Trainer Project for UAE company (2014) • Establish NOA Games at 2011 by revenue of SpeedUp (2011) • Writing a scenario, programming and run a web based game called Speed UP, which idea is new in whole web browser games. We are 3 people working on this project which gain lots of awards. (2011-2014)

Talk abstract:

Since many startups offered multiple reasons for their failure, we'll discuss the chart highlighting the top 20 reasons doesn’t add up to 100%.


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