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Apply play - to get ahead of the game




For 20 years I have been developing interactive and playful products and learned about designing motivation and persuasion, since then I have been talking one on one, taught in classes and gave lectures, but am now looking to share plus scale that message and allow it to find it’s audience. Do you want to find out more about the phenomenon of play and games to bring your message across in the attempt to truly engage an audience. Play and games allows full ownership to the player by meaningful interaction.

Talk abstract:

To talk about the magic of play and games, we need to find a common language and definitions. For many years I have been looking for the methods and reasons of how and why games trigger such great and often surprising effects. Gaming experts and I are collaborating with several universities and companies to build a body of knowledge on games and play as a tool. We determined that to reveal the magic happening in play, not only do we need to examine the game, we also need to study the context. How, where, when and most important: by whom is the game played, and why? Are all key to understanding the dynamics of the game. Who do you want to engage in your game and how to get close to your player(s)....