Ehsan Tahmoures & Majid Rahmani

Ehsan Tahmoures & Majid Rahmani photo
Black Cube Games
Game Designer
Talk title:

One Can Not Simply Reach A Perfect Workflow




Ehsan started his journey as a student of game design at Iran Game Development Institute in Tehran 7 years ago. His first serious steps was designing mid-core games at Bazigostarane Derick. Rooster Wars was the first result of his cooperation with one of the most talented team back then. After a while, he was attracted more to hardcore and story-driven games and started to work at Black Cube Games as a Game / Level Designer. It's been more than 3 years that Majid and Ehsan are working together at BCG and they are here to share their pipelines, workflow, their teamwork experiences and their success and failures in a group of game designers. Majid Rahmani started working in the local game industry as a game critic at Bazinama magazine. After graduating from Iran Game Development Institute, Majid joined the independent game studio Black Cube Games as a Game Designer and has been working there since 2013. He was also speaker at TGC17 in the Production category. He is most passionate and interested in Level Design.

Talk abstract:

In this talk we want to demonstrate our approach on the following bullet points while developing our new PC/Console game: . Brainstorming ideas based on local folklore and Iranian culture . Testing features of a larger scale project In a smaller scale one . Pre-production document . The three Cs (Character, Camera, Control) . Enemy design . Ability design . Iterative balancing phase . Level design pipeline . Revising USPs (Objective Design, Environmental Storytelling, Interactive Elements, Cut-Scenes and Music) . Polish


Intermediate game community individuals who are more interested in the development of PC titles