Dietmar Hauser

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roborodent e.U.
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Data Compression in Theory and Practice



Dietmar is a programmer for hire at his one person company, roborodent e.U. in Vienna, Austria. He looks back on a long and interesting programming career after more than a decade in the games industry. Before starting his own company, he worked on at least a dozen titles and their framework for coin-op machines at Funworld, gaining a lot of experience at developing games for custom made hardware. After that he joined Austria's leading game development studio Sproing, where he worked as senior and lead programmer on titles such as Deep Silver's Cursed Mountain, Ubisoft's My Fitness Coach Club and Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, as well as Sproing's own KISS Rock City, and is currently busy developing new unannounced titles on old and new platforms. He has contributed greatly to Sproing's multi-platform development pipeline and has successfully worked as a lead programmer on projects spanning several different companies, countries, cultures, timezones and platforms.

Talk abstract:

Do you lose customers due to long download times or by failing to stay below the 100 MiB app size limit? Is your game's profit diminished by shockingly high bandwidth costs? The success of mobile games and digital distribution in all parts of the world has made data size a hot topic again. But not only bandwidth and storage demands have risen faster than the infrastructure required, the field of data compression has also made many advances. This talk will show you what has changed in the last decades, and how to apply it to fix some of your current problems.


Programmers and Technical Directors of all skill levels