Dave Proctor

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Mighty Yell Studios
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Implementing Agile Development on Your Team




Dave Proctor is a game producer, writer, creative director, and Certified Scrum Master working in Toronto. In 2014 he co-founded 13AM Games and helped ship that team's first games, Runbow and Pirate Pop Plus, on every major game platform available. He now works at Mighty Yell, leading a new narrative-focused IP through production and acting as a freelance producer on several teams, including Vertex Pop, makers of Graceful Explosion Machine.

Talk abstract:

What does it mean to adopt an Agile workflow in your office? Many teams believe they are using Agile or Scrum correctly, but miss out on the structures and specifics that enable the system to bring out the most in your team's productivity. Scrum helps you make the most of your time and foster a stronger, more goal-focused bond between team members. As a Certified Scrum Master I aim to help beginner and intermediate teams understand the component parts of a proper Scrum workflow, from how long your sprints should be to how to speak to team members during a meeting. I'll also discuss which elements of the methodology don't benefit a game studio, and how to adapt them to your needs.


Beginner and Intermediate, teams of any size.