Brandon Sheffield

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Necrosoft Games
Creative Director
Talk title:

Narrative in VR - how to tell a first person story




Brandon Sheffield is creative director of Necrosoft Games, a distributed indie developer with members around the world. His most recent projects include Gunhouse, Oh, Deer!, and Gunsport, alongside contract projects like Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection and Indivisible. He was formerly editor of Game Developer magazine and and also advises a number of game conferences. He likes old video games, new places, and any unique music he's never heard before.

Talk abstract:

VR is an emerging medium with a unique problem - how to tell stories when you can't control the player's view. After writing text for many traditional games, including Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Edition and Sine Mora EX, I recently tackled a VR narrative and learned a lot in the process. This talk will get into how and why VR lends itself better to certain kinds of stories, and how I dealt with specific problems in VR narrative for the Oculus-funded project Astraeus.


Anyone making a narrative-based VR game