Behrang Khoshnood

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Manager of backend online services
Talk title:

How to test microservices with a continuous deployment mindset




I have a total of 17 years of experience in software development and managing developers and team leads. I am passionate about developing backend services and its various challenges such as REST API design, scalability, compatibility and operability. Working with different languages and frameworks have given me the perspective for picking the right tool for the job. I am an experienced leader in using modern practices and tools to develop backend services and operate infrastructure. Immutable servers, various deployment techniques, CI/CD, automated monitoring and alerting are some of my current interests. I enjoy developing great people, not just great products.

Talk abstract:

Testing Microservices. In the world of continuous deployment, a proper testing strategy is a prerequisite for any Continuous Integration and Continuous deployment (CI/CD). In this talk, I will share with you different techniques and pitfalls for testing microservices: • Various functional testing during Continuous Integration • Testing, deployment and monitoring during deployment • Load test


web service developers, Architects