André Bernhardt

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Indie Advisor
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Current Challenges for Indie Developers (and possible solutions)




André Bernhardt has been part of the games industry for the past 18 years and is very experienced within the online, as well as "offline" and mobile game publishing industry. He worked at different PC, console and mobile publishers like Sony Computer Entertainment, Sunflowers, RTL Games and Travian Games before he founded IndieAdvisor in 2012 - working as a freelance agent supporting developers to find a publisher and vice versa while teaching at different high schools or giving lectures at games conferences where he also organizes indie events. Indie Advisor offers external business development for developers, start-ups and publishers. In 2015 he then founded Target Games together with Thorsten Unger. With Target Games he is the European Partner for Globaltopround. An korean accelerator that invests into videogame developers worldwide.

Talk abstract:

Everyone seems to go indie these days but what are the challenges for indie developers these days? Are you an entrepeneur or an artist? Do you have a strategy to last or are you hoping for success with your first title? Do you care about business and competition and/ or is developing your game a dream of yours? There are a lot of questions that need to be answered but first of all you need someone to address the right questions. That is what i am going to do within this talk.


Indie developers, startups, beginners to intermediates