Allan Simonsen

Allan Simonsen photo
Boomzap Pte Ltd
Technical Director / Co-Founder
Talk title:

Rules for making the virtual office work.




Allan Simonsen is the Co-Founder and Technical Director of Boomzap. Boomzap's a completely Virtual Studio, founded in 2005, with 36 staff in 8 countries. Allan has been the IGDA Coordinator for Singapore since 2004, and is a frequent lecturer and speaker on topics related to game development, programming and the virtual office. He believes that a good programmer is a lazy programmer, that Code Quality matters and that life is NOT a zero sum game.

Talk abstract:

Boomzap is one of the first and largest virtual games studios in the world. In 12 years we've never had and office, and never wanted one. This talk looks at the lessons learnt, mistakes made, and gives the audience a number of simple rules for making a virtual office work for them.


Founders, Indies and Producers, as well as developers interested in, or currently working, remotely.