Ali Mojarad

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How to heat up the market with effective marketing




Ali Mojarad, an architectural graduate, established BaziCenter in 2005 as the first online video games media in Iran and started to publish exclusive content related to video games industry. Under his leadership, BaziCenter became the first and only Iranian media to register its review scores on Metacritic. In recent years, he came to the aid of young and indie developers by shifting focus on video game marketing using BaziCenter’s powerful userbase and resources.

Talk abstract:

In this topic, we will learn more about the nature of marketing and how it affects the market. We will discuss more about the history and importance of marketing, the tools it provides us to present our game more accurately, and the process of determining what tools are best to influence the market, and in the end we will answer your questions about how to present your products to gamers.


indie developers, publisher, public relation or community manager