Ali Kiani Amin

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Foresight media
Art Director
Talk title:

The relation between Art Direction and Technology




My name is Ali Kiani Amin, I was born in Iran. My main skill is design which includes character and concept design. I studied painting at art school & college. I somehow ended up working 15 years in the animation industry and currently I work as a Lead Pencil Artist and Art Director in a comic studio in Iran. My artworks are published in many publications that include 2D artist magazine, Imagine FX magazine, OSCURO: Legendary Art of Saturno Butto and Dark Masters and in the “Prime” book by 3D total community. I had the honor of being selected as the winner by the Legendary artist John Howe for a contest held by called “Dragon’s Lair”. It’s better to say that I have lived many years in my mind’s inner, closed dark prison. In those days i was alone and living in a negative network of knowledge. But finally the lord helped me touch the light...Do you remember the music video Thriller by Michael Jackson? I am a rising dead,but alive!. I like death, autopsy and ancient black magic, but today i believe in shining consciousness which saves unification of the world. That is why light and atmosphere are two major elements in my paintings. I see myself as a figurative painter, I find inspiration in ancient dreams & Sci-fi imagery. Spirituality is the greatest goal i have ever tried to reach, but who knows the eventual quality it results? My artworks are completely done by Wacom Cintiq tablet and Adobe Photoshop graphics software. While I am a CG artist, I still love the old traditional painting styles.

Talk abstract:

VR & AR technologies in game industry are growing rapidly and consequently will play a large role in the future. Thus, Art-Directors or Artist who look ahead prepare themselves for the future. So, the topic of this talk is related to aesthetic method and its adjustment in VR and AR. Since in AR information is received unilaterally and via one camera and with the help of the data the models already made are added to that reality while the exchanged data lack artistic prospective. There is no doubt in order to solve this problem the art director's task is to decide how the game should be looked at by the players. As a result, the next topic for discussion will contain three following issues: Reciprocal path of data exchange between space and software Potential effects of AR on lighting to create dramatic and cinematic atmosphere Sharing memories and editing them via technology and its effects on different industries like game