Meeting Application

What is Meeting Application (Let's Meet)?

Meeting Application is the core of exhibitions held by Game Connection: a powerful software facilitating scheduling of meetings. Using the application, business affiliates are able set their business meetings prior to the commencement of the events and via online tools, allowing them to access their daily schedule during the event.

The application allows you to share your information with other participants and companies, and to find out more about other attendees and their projects, find what you are looking for and set meetings with persons and companies of your desire.

This application has made commercial participation in the TGC ever more beneficiary. Business participants can have business meetings already set up with major international publishers through the Meeting Application.

The great opporunities awaiting you

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Booth holders as well as those in hold of Business Passes and All Access Passes shall use the Meeting Application.

What does the app offer?

Why is the application significant?

80 percent of attendees at Game Connection events have had meetings leading to business contracts via the Meeting Application.

How to setup a meeting

Prior to the main event, the executive team shall deliver your web-based account where you can see information of other companies and send them requests to setup meetings.