Kian Ashrafi

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Anashid Games
Art Director
Talk title:

Turn-based Strategy Game Postmortem (Ancients Revival)


6 years’ experience creating concept artwork for animation and video games

2 years being Art Director and principal artist at Anashid Games.

Most notable projects: Parvaneh: Legacy of the Light's Guardians, Dark Wings 1 & 2, JiringLand, Last Fiction Animation

Talk abstract:

Date: 4th July, 2018

Ancients Revival is an innovative and competitive online turn-based game that blends RPG elements with a unique method of customization which unfortunately was less considered in mobile gaming. The player can control many types of characters.

The focus will be on character design and animating in Spine.

We will check out the creation of all 2D character/environment/UI/misc.

After going through benefits of skeletal animation over traditional, we review features of spine-like Meshes, Skins, Procedural animation, etc.

Finally, we discuss the classic method of using sprite sheets and VFX in Spine.


2D Artists and cutout animators