Fred Moreau

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Jikkou Publishing Inc.
Coach / Trainer
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Mastering Unity's UI and Animation systems.


Game Developer, Unity Instructor and Agile Coach.
With a strong technical expertise and a taste for design, I've had the opportunity to lead teams of creative people through development of innovative projects.
I'm passionate about learning and training. When you work in this industry, sharing your knowledge is not only a duty, it's the opportunity to learn even more.
I'm a self-taught developer myself. I work with Unity since 2011, and was very lucky to meet with mentors who taught me a great deal about OOP. That's a lot to learn about when your background is not in engineering, though, I figured that if I could do it, anyone can.

Talk abstract:

Date: 4th July, 2018

In this master class, we'll use a rhythm based gameplay and setup entirely its graphics, from gameplay to game stats, using Unity's UI, Animator State Machines, Events, Sprites and 3D objects.


Artists & Designers willing to learn Unity's UI and Animation systems, to create a responsive gameplay screen with sprites and 3D objects.