Céline Holzmann

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Mobile Data Diggers, formerly at Bandai Namco
Data analyst
Talk title:

How data analysis can help game design and free to play monetization


Video games lover since the age of 6, Céline managed to link this with her other passion: make data talk. The data analyst for 8 years, of which the last 4 years focused on free to play mobile games, she has found the professional life that makes her happy to jump off of the bed every morning.

Talk abstract:

Date: 4th July, 2018

This masterclass will give you an overview of how data can help game design and free to play monetization. You will learn how to collect data and how to use a data-driven approach in your game development, soft launch and liveops with a lot of case study and concrete examples.


This masterclass is designed for anyone with no or basic knowledge around how to use data to help game design.