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Your next big opportunities lie in Iran and MENA region!

TGC 2019 is a unique opportunity to make business with Iran and the neighboring countries. The Iranian market recently opened up to the West and still remains largely untouched: this means there are great chances for international publishers, distributors and investors.  

TGC 2019 will be held on 5-6 July and will gather more than 1500 video game professionals looking for networking and establishing business relationships.

I enjoyed Meeting
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with very talented and enthusiastic people. I am sure that TGC will be in a few years a MUST visit conference for international developers and marketers - Caglar Eger, Goodgame Studios

In 2018, +40 international speakers and buyers joined Tehran Game Convention to make business and share their expertise.

TGC 2018 website

You may also have some questions on what it means to travel to Iran as an international buyer. Please check this video from Pierre Carde, Head of Game Connection:

TGC was the perfect opportunity to know the Iranian market in further details (Amin Sorkhei, Rovio)

Please be as specific as possible in your application; let us know what you are looking for in terms of platform and type of games, tell us something about your business model and the type of deals you usually sign.

Based on the applications received, our Advisory Board will select the most relevant buyers for the show. We will get back to you with the results of the selection by the end of February.

Be prepared for extras such as sightseeing in Tehran, great time with other international buyers and speakers, social events with local and international developers, great food and other social events.

If you have questions on the Call for Buyers, please contact "Maryam Ahmadi" at
Last but not least: if you wish to give a talk at the show, our Call for speakers is currently open.

Please fill this form before March 6th.

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